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Foremost® – A Farmers Insurance® Company, helping you put the Hitch in Your Pitch® since we first shared this idea with you in 2014.

Ask your personal auto customers, “Is there a hitch on that vehicle?” And then, “What are you towing and where are you going?” That’s what we call putting the Hitch in Your Pitch.

While you may have known us as a specialty company, with the addition of the Foremost SignatureSM Auto & Home products to our Foremost Choice® Property & Casualty line of products and Bristol West® Auto, Foremost Insurance is a personal lines householding company and we likely have a policy for your customer’s vehicle, whatever they’re towing and wherever they’re going!

Then Your Customers Can Add a Policy for What They Tow

Even if your customer doesn’t have a Foremost or Bristol West auto policy, you can still ask about the hitch and cross-sell a Foremost Choice recreational casualty policy or a Foremost property policy, based on what they’re towing and where they’re going. Then, you can help your customer “Get Hitched” by offering to quote any of these Foremost policies:

Map illustration with a home and auto towing a motorcycle

Are They Towing to a Secondary Property?

This is the part where the question “Where are you going with what you’re towing?” comes in! If they’re headed to a secondary home, a vacation rental they own and rent to others or a seasonal home, there’s a good chance Foremost Insurance has a policy to cover their destination too.

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We’re Here to Help

When you put the Hitch in Your Pitch, you can help your customers Get Hitched by offering to quote a Foremost policy for what they tow and where they go. And we’re here to help along the way! If you have any questions about our policies for boats, travel trailers, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, autos or homes, get in touch with your marketing rep who can offer help and support in your cross-selling efforts.

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